Ours is a changing world, and recent events have caused people the world over to take on new security measures, both personally and on a corporate level. Traveling to a foreign country, and even within your own country, has become more stringent with enhanced security requirements.To beef up security and enhance customer service, many airlines, like TSA, are now conducting individual passenger screening at security checkpoints. TSA staff and screening equipment are concen...

Airline Security

Airline SecurityOurs is a changing world, and recent events have caused people the world over to take on new security measures, both personally and on a corporate level. Traveling to a foreign country, and even within your own country, has become more stringent with enhanced security requirements.To beef up security and enhance customer service, many airlines, like TSA, are now conducting individual passenger screening at security checkpoints. TSA staff and screening equipment are concentrated at these checkpoints to perform random searches. Every passenger is required to have a boarding pass and photo identification in order to pass through a security gate. Tickets and ticket confirmations are longer accepted as valid identification at these checkpoints.Many airlines now offer four methods of purchasing a boarding pass. New and convenient options include using the curbside check-in option, the airline's self-service ticket kiosk in the airport lobby, and the opportunity to purchase and print the boarding pass directly from your airline website. Of course, you can also pick up your boarding pass at the airline's ticket counter in the airport.Check with your airline or travel agent to confirm the time you should arrive at the airport. It's also a good idea to confirm that there are parking lots available at the airport, or if shuttle service might be required.Double-check to make sure that you have all of your valuables with you, as well as the documents required for boarding. Make sure that you have your boarding pass or ticket confirmation ready, as well as a piece of government-issued photo identification such as a driver's license or passport. If you have a medical implant or other device that can trigger the security alarm system, make sure that you have certified documentation from your doctor. Remove any prohibited items, such as pocketknives, before going through airport security.It's a good idea to stay on the alert at all times. Keep close watch on your luggage, carry-on bags and other belongings. Never agree to carry a parcel for a stranger. If you find unattended bags at the airport, report it to a security officer rather than trying to pick them up yourself. If you see any individual that looks or acts suspicious, point it out to airline security. More than ever before, airline security is very serious business. Never joke about having bombs or firearms on board a plane or at security. The mere mention of such items can lead to lengthy questioning and possible expulsion from the airport.You have definite rights as an airline passenger, but remember that this is a commercial service and your agreement may be subject to changes. In the case of a delayed flight, airlines will usually try to accommodate passengers by offering a seat aboard the next available flight. Rescheduling your flight on another airline is also an option, but there may be cancellation policies in effect.Airlines typically overbook flights so double check your reservations to make sure you're guaranteed a seat. When a particular flight is overbooked, the airline will ask for volunteers to wait and board the next flight, and may offer cash or a free trip as an incentive. If there are no volunteers and you are involuntarily bumped, the airline will reserve another flight and you will be compensated for the inconvenience. If you fail to confirm your reservation or meet the check-in deadline, and if the plane has fewer than six available seats, no reward is offered for involuntary bumping.You can easily avoid boarding hassles if you know your rights as a passenger and understand the airline terms and conditions for boarding. For your own safety and the security of airline personnel and other passengers, you need to take extra caution to avoid inevitable circumstances.Being well informed is the ticket to enjoying a safe, secure, and pleasurable flight.

Visiting Argentina? Can't Miss These Far South Wonders

Visiting Argentina? Can

As any proud Argentinian, I always try to invite my readers to see the marvels of my beautiful country. If you happen to travel this far south, you can't miss these sights: Take in the chocolate box scenery of glacial lakes, mountains and forests of the southern Lake District around Bariloche; then follow the route of the seven lakes' through spectacular mountain passes to San Martn and on to Lann National Park, dominated by the extinct, snow-capped Lann Volcano (3,776m/12,386ft). Stroll through the capital's chic Recoleta district, famous for its Cementerio de la Recoleta (where many members of Argentina's elite are buried) and the renowned Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (Museum of Fine Arts). Marvel at the multi-coloured houses and artistic talent of La Boca, where Italian immigrants settled to work in the shipyards and the tango was supposedly born. Soak up the atmosphere of the San Telmo district of Buenos Aires, with its many cafes, antique shops, tango night spots and a Sunday flea market on Plaza Dorrego. Visit one of Argentina's oldest cities, Corrientes, and see the church of Santsima Cruz de los Milagros and the San Francisco convent. Corrientes is also the land of the chamam, a characteristic type of rhythmic music derived from the polka. Discover the architecture of colonial Salta before stopping in on the nearby pre-Incan ruins at Santa Rosa de Tastil; then travel through the arid, stunning red gorge of the Quebrada de Humahuaca, scattered with verdant oases. Wander around the Ischigualasto National Park, a desert valley also referred to as 'the valley of the moon', owing to its distinctive rock formations and fossils dating back some 180 million years. Gaze at the Andes mountain range topped by Mount Aconcagua (6,995m/22,944ft), the highest mountain in the Western hemisphere, located within the Aconcagua National Park. The nearby Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer) statue is a famous monument at almost 4,000m (13,120ft) above sea level, offering magnificent views. See the top spots of The Pampas and visit the scenic peaks of Sierra de la Ventana; note the traces of colonial past in Santa Fe; and glimpse the pink granite rock formations of Lihue Calel National Park. Be dazzled by the sheer power of Iguaz Falls; view this majestic series of cataracts at Garganta del Diablo (Devil's Throat), which can be approached via a system of catwalks over the thundering water; and take a boat trip through the mist and spray at the base of the falls. Be struck by nature on the Valdes Peninsula; see herds of seals, sea lions and take a whale watching boat trip. Then visit the penguin colony at Punta Tombo. Feel the chill in Los Glaciares National Park with the Perito Moreno Glacier as its centerpiece, where huge icebergs calve and topple into Lake Argentino. Travel to the end of the earth' at Tierra del Fuego, the gateway to the Antarctic; hop aboard a boat to explore the marine and bird life of the Beagle Channel; and walk through the streets of the world's southernmost city of Ushuaia, surrounded by jagged mountain peaks.Come experience the energy and passion of the Argentine Tango. Performers from back home will bring a dizzying display of talent and beauty at our nightly shows.Be sure to bring your appetite as you taste all that is Made in Argentina choose from traditional dishes such as: empanadas (meat/veggie/chicken turnover), locro (corn stew), chorizo (spicy sausage) or Milanese (breaded beef sandwich), and for dessert try pasta frole (quince/sweet potato pie).And before you leave, stock up on dulce de leche, a delicious caramel spread, and some yerbe mate tea!

26 Lanzarote Attractions Guinate Tropical Park

26 Lanzarote Attractions  Guinate Tropical Park

The Parque Tropical is open every day of the year including bank holidays from 10:00 to 17:00 hours. Admission is 14 Euros per adult and 5 Euros per child and Id recommend allowing a half day to go around the Park, although some visitors have been know to spend the whole day there.Parque Tropical is located in the north of the the island at the foot of Mount Corona, an extinct volcano which is the highest point of the island, close to the Famara Cliffs and 400 meters above sea level, with spectacular views to the islands of La Graciosa, Alegranza and Montaa Clara. We arrived via the most scenic route which took us through Teguise, the old capital of Lanzarote, up through Los Valles to some stunning views of the island and down into the beautiful province of Haria (the valley of a thousand palms). From Haria we took the road past the Mirador del Rio (Article 22 of mine covers a separate day trip there). You will see the signs for Guinate and the Park from this point in the journey. The park covers 11 acres of land (45,000 square feet) and includes gardens, waterfalls and lakes. The park has many species of bird (around 300 species in total), including Ostriches, Flamingos, Cranes, Hornbills, Toucans, Cockatoos, Macaws, Pheasants, Ibis, Ducks, Pigeons & Doves. There are also many species of the smaller birds like Finches, Cardinals and Love Birds. There is also a large walk-through aviary, some 3/4 of an acre (about 3200 sq. meters) with six species of Weaver Birds that breed naturally in the area. It is quite fascinating to watch them building their hanging nests within the aviary.In the same area youll find Parrots and many other small birds that fly free in a this almost natural habitat. Within this aviary there is a lake of some 70metres by 7metres full of Koi Carp, some measuring a length of nearly a meter. You will also see Mandarin and Carolina Ducks swimming around between the fountains. A fascinating area of the park which must not be missed.The Parque is known to have a successful breeding program of macaws, cockatoos, african greys and other species of parrots. Also with various doves, finches, pheasants, ornamental ducks, ostriches, rheas, trumpeter hornbills and many other small birds. In the gardens youll find many different varieties of plants, shrubs and trees in the park, many of which have been labelled with interesting information about their particular uses and countries of origin. There is a cactus walk on the hillside with a large variety of cacti and where a waterfall drops down into the flamingo, duck and swan pool below. Every day, there are six bird, at no extra charge. These take place at 11.30, 12.30, 13.30, 14.30, 15.30, and 16.30 where macaws and cockatoos can be seen riding their bicycles on the high wire, driving cars and scooters, adding and taking away numbers and many other tricks. The theatre where the show is performed seats 200 people and hot and cold snacks can be served to you as you watch the show or you can relax on the bar terrace which overlooks a large area of the park. There is a children's play area here where the children can let off a bit of steam whilst the parents enjoy a quiet drink.There is a well stocked shop in the Park, many items of which are exclusive to the Park and will not be found in any other shop on the island. There are two toilet areas in the park. The first is situated near the entrance and exit and has baby change facilities in the ladies. The other is near the bar and show theatre. There are ramps for wheelchairs, around the park and into the theatre. No dogs are allowed in the park.

Mexican Living: Doctors, Doctors, Doctors

Mexican Living: Doctors, Doctors, Doctors

I am sick. I don't know what's wrong nor if what I have has an official name. Maybe they call it, "Ah-ha-now-you-can't-breathe-well-and-feel-like-you-are-going-to-die virus. I don't know. I will probably go to the doctor tomorrow if I am not feeling better.Going to the doctor in Mexico is simply a delight. There are several reasons for my enchantment with going to Mexican doctors. One is that I can afford it. The best part, in fact, about going to the Mexican doctor is at the end of the visit when you have to pay less than $15.00 for an office call.This is what you will hear your American doctor telling you,"That will be all for today. Now be sure to pay your $150.00 DOLLAR office visit fee so you can help make the payment on my brand-new SUV. Be sure to take a look at it on your way back to your little rust bucket of a car. After all you are paying for it!"You instead hear this from your Mexican doctor,"That will be $150.00 PESOS (less than $15.00 USD). Oh thank you very much," the Mexican doctor tells you, "you are very kind."Reason number two why I love going to the Mexican doctors is that, if you are a man, they do not ask you every single time to drop your pants to have a look at that worrisome prostate gland.If you aren't a man then you have no idea of how obsessive the American medical community becomes about your prostate gland after you reach a certain age! After I hit 45-years old, each time I would go see the doctor, any doctor, they would always want to know when the last time I had my prostate gland looked at.I would go to the doctor for: A sore throat: "Oh, that red throat sure looks bad," the doctor would say, "but let's have a look at your prostate while you are here." A cut finger requiring stitches: "There you go. That last stitch went in perfectly. Now strip off all your clothes, put on this gown, and I'll be right back." An asthma attack: "Oh, oh, oh my God! The lungs sound fine but I think I hear something in your prostate gland. Quick, let's have a look!" The neurologist slithers in:"I think we need to look at your prostate.""But doctor," you protest weakly, "I am here because my right leg has been numb for three months.""Ah, yes. I think the prostate may be causing it. Bend over this table and let's have a go at it, shall we?"American doctors will go to any means to get to have a look at your prostate. It is as though they win some sweepstakes for the most prostate glands they get to "have a look at." I just don't know!The third reason I love going to the Mexican doctor is that they actually care about you. I am not making this up: They will call you at home, because they worry about your condition. If you are suppose to return to the doc for a follow-up visit and are one day late they call you to see if you are ok or what has happened to you. Can you even begin to fathom that?When we came back from a Puerto Vallarta vacation, I contracted a jungle related rash. Don't ask me how. I was not swinging from disease carrying vines or rubbing up against something I should not have been. I just caught this hideous rash.My Guanajuato doctor was treating me. It was rather a severe case and he got worried when I didn't return exactly on the 10th day he asked me to come back. So he called me up to see how I was doing.I love Mexican doctors!

Why Not Choose The South Male Atoll For Your Maldives Island Hideaway

Before booking a holiday in the Maldives, you need to find out a lot about your hotel in the Maldives, especially if it is to be your honeymoon Hotel in the Maldives, the island hideaway of your dreams. You can do a lot worse than to concentrate your search on the South Male AtollThe South Kaafu or Male Atoll is just below North Kaafu Atoll and this is the place in Maldives where tourism first started.The whole Male atoll, both North and South is really the tourist centre of the Maldives and has the largest number of resorts. There are a lot of diving and surfing sites on this atoll.This is quite a large list of Hotels in the Maldives on the "South Male Atoll" . They are about as close to the airport as you can get. This information can be used as a basis of further investigation before you choose your "Hotel in the Maldives" .Its a big decision to make when you book a vacation to the Maldives, because you might feel that one beautiful palm fringed island surrounded by turquoise sea, a multicoloured and faceted reef, and thousands of brightly coloured marine life to view is much like another.This just isnt true. Each island, each hotel is different.You need to think about the size of the island, the number of rooms, where the rooms are situated. You need to work out how small and intimate you want it to be, bearing in mind that an island you can walk around in ten minutes may appear to be paradise at first but become claustrophobic very quickly. You might view the boat trip to the island with horror, so you need to know how long the transfer is.The list of South Male hotels isnt complete, but should form a basis for investigation before you make a decision on your holiday in the MaldivesAnantara Resort Maldives is a 5 star deluxe hotel which opened in 2006, with 110 rooms, it is 35 kms from the airport, and takes 35 minutes in a speedboat.Biyadhoo Island Resort is a 3 star hotel with 96 rooms, and it is 29 Kms from the airport with a speedboat transfer time of 60 minutes.Bolifushi Island Resort is a 4 star resort, some 12 Kms. From the airport with 55 rooms, and a 30 minute transfer by speedboat.Club Rannalhi is a 4 star hotel with 116 rooms, situated 35 Kms from the airport with a 45 minute transfer by speedboat.Cocoa Island Resort is a 5 star deluxe hotel with 36 rooms, situated 30 Km from the airport, and is a 30 minute transfer by speedboat.Embudu Village is a 3 star Hotel with 124 rooms, and is 8Kms from the airport, with a 45 minute transfer by speedboat.Fihalhohi Island Resort is a 3 star resort with 150 rooms, and it is 28Km from the airport with a 60 minute transfer by speedboat.Fun Island Resort is a 4 star resort with 100 rooms, and it is 38 Kms from the airport with a 45 minute transfer by speedboat.Kandooma Tourist Resort is a 3 star hotel which has 124 rooms, and is under renovation.Laguna Maldives is a 5 star resort with 132 rooms, is 12 Km from the airport, and a twenty minute transfer by speedboat.Olhuveli Beach & Spa is a 4 star hotel with 129 rooms, situated 36 Kms from the airport and is a 45 minute transfer by speedboat.Rihiveli Maldives is a 4 star hotel with 48 rooms, and is 49 Kms from the airport which is a 45 minute transfer by speedboat.Taj Exotica Resort & Spa is a 5 star deluxe hotel with 62 villas, and is 5 Kms from the airport and is a 20 minute transfer by speedboat.Vadoo Island Resort is a 4 star hotel with 31 rooms, situated 5 Km from the airport and is a 15 minute transfer by speedboat.Vilivaru Island Resort is closed for renovationYou now have some basis on which to investigate your Holiday Hotel in the Maldives and make a decision whether or not the South Male Atoll is the place for you. There are some real Maldives Luxury Hotels here, perfect for a honeymoon in the Maldives, or your Maldives Island Hideaway.To discover more Maldives Island Hideaways visit

Time To Ditch The Hotel

So its vacation time again. Woo Hoo !!!The family has spent months debating where to go, what type of vacation they are looking for and whether or not to include Auntie Ethel in their plans again (following that particularly unfortunate incident with the well built waiter and what she thought was a pepper mill !)With Auntie Ethel quickly out of the picture, and the whole clan having opted for a fun filled vacation, packed to the gunnels with action, adventure and magic, there can only be one destination Florida.No matter how you cut it, Florida has something for everyone, and nowhere more so than the Disney areas located around Orlando and Kissimmee. These central Florida locations are legendary, and despite being among the most popular in the world, retain a seemingly intimate charm which creates life long memories for those that venture there.And so, with the destination finalised, your thoughts turn to hotels. But wait a minute didnt someone at work go to Florida last year and stay in a luxurious rental villa ? Yes of course ! You remember looking at the gorgeous interior shots of the house, and then the not so gorgeous shots of your work colleagues husband in his Speedos ! Mind you, the private pool and the swaying palm trees looked wonderful !And didnt your colleague rave about the high standard of the accommodation and how much better and cheaper it was than staying in a cramped and musty hotel room ? Yes, again. So what are you waiting for ?Because the fact is that year on year, millions of vacationers from all around the globe are breaking with tradition, and ditching the bland and often over priced hotel chains in favour of privately owned luxury villas in the central Florida region.To accommodate this appetite for a real home from home, numerous web sites have sprung up on the internet offering privately owned Florida villas for rent. Whilst some are here today gone tomorrow one hit wonders, without doubt, one of the very best, longest established and most highly ranked by both its clients and the search engines is Orlando Villas This well managed and easy to navigate site will offer you a choice of stunning vacation homes, ranging in size from 3 to 7 bedrooms, all with private pools, and all within 10~20 minutes of the major theme parks and attractions. Its literally an Aladdins cave of luxurious, yet affordable accommodation which can quite simply help to turn your regular holiday into a dream vacation.We all work hard in order to afford to go on vacation, so why not make your money go further and your vacation experience the best it can possibly be, for both you and your family ? Why not break with tradition ? Its time to ditch the hotel and live like a real Floridian on your next Disney vacation. I guarantee that once youve tried it, youll be hooked.


Ours is a changing world, and recent events have caused people the world over to take on new security measures, both personally and on a corporate level. Traveling to a foreign country, and even within your own country, has become more stringent with enhanced security requirements.To beef up security and enhance customer service, many airlines, like TSA, are now conducting individual passenger screening at security checkpoints. TSA staff and screening equipment are concen...